2023 / March / 24

Cr Pati101 is well received by Indian players

Cr Pati101 makes all Indian players love it. In addition to the diversity of games, the quality of the suppliers, and the user experience of the website, there are also countless bonuses, discounts, and cashbacks. Cr Pati101 fully understands that while pursuing the quality of the game, players still consider the real money they profit, so every day, every month, every festival and every year, there are countless activities giving out special offer that players participating in the game.

Three of the best real-life card games online suppliers

For example, the most popular Dragon Tiger, Baccarat and Blackjack, 32 Cards, 7 Up 7 Down, Andar Bahar and other card games online, can all be played in Cr Pati101. Not only that, all popular card games provide live broadcasts, and there are as many as three supplier that provide live broadcasts.

Players can choose their favorite suppliers or play all to experience different styles. By this player can tailor themselves to the most perfect experience, enjoying the game while also profit countless.
AE Sexy, WM Casino and Evolution Gaming, which one is your pick?

AE Sexy gives you a full visual feast

AE Sexy gives you a full visual feast

AE Sexy (referred to as AE) has a total of four type of games, including Baccarat and Dragon Tiger, which are the favorites of Indians. As soon as you enter the homepage of AE, players can see all the game types at a glance. A monitor screen will be displayed in the upper right corner of the webpage. This screen has not only one table, but several tables will be displayed on this screen, so that players can actually compare the game situation of other tables or games to prove that everything is done in real time and absolutely safe.

Players can click the Menu button button in the upper right corner to view the guides and strategies of each game. AE not only provides guide, but also kindly writes a simple strategy for each game, so that newcomers can quickly get started. AE is not hesitant to share information that is detrimental to the dealer. As long as the player can enjoy the game to the full and actually profit, then it is the biggest compliment to AE.

There is a language column language column next to Menu button which you can click, and players can choose in seven different languages. These seven languages include English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Indian. Whether you are an Indian or another overseas player, you can fully enjoy the honorable service of AE.

The bar in the middle of the screen shows the game types, which are divided into Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Dice and Roulette. On the left, you can choose the dealer’s nationality and theme, including Asians, sexy beauties, and special theme. The baccarat by sexy beauty has classic games and “insurance” to choose from. The insurance table will adjust the betting amount according to the player’s budget and expenditure in real time, and the system won’t let player get to carry away.

And these are limited to Baccarat, where there are special dealers in various costumes, from maids to school uniforms.

WM has the most complete games and information

The interface of WM is much more complicated, and there are many more games. Ten types in total. Of course, the most popular Dragon Tiger is also included in it. There are various functions on the top of the screen that can be view: video, ranking list, favorite, rules, voice, good road setting, chip, language. These functional options allow players to adjust outside the game and get into the one they want immediately.

In the ranking list, you can view the data of the major players on the ranking list, including rich, winner, bet, win rate, tips. In addition to follow the ranking, players can also click the attention button attention button to track these players. Favorite also includes dealers, and players can actively participate in the tables where they are posted by following specific dealers.

Good road setting is mainly used in Dragon Tiger game. The system presets 11 good roads and will prompt when the same pattern appears in the game. Players can uncheck
road1 specific good roads to avoid unnecessary notification. Chip allows players to customize the denomination of chips and actually use them in all games.

For each table, taking Dragon Tiger as an example, the current state of the game will be displayed outside the preview, from the deal, shuffle to the time of betting, the number of players, the total amount of bets, the history of the game, and the road and the next. All 3 ways can be seen outside the game, and players can comprehensively measure these data to decide which table to join.

Evolution has an exclusive Dragon Tiger game

Evolution has an exclusive Dragon Tiger game

Evolution (referred to as EVO) has a total of 8 games, of course there is also the popular Dragon Tiger game. The interface of EVO is the simplest, with the total number of players displayed in the upper right corner, followed by online customer service, settings, and full-screen options. At the bottom right of the game option, players can choose the preview mode to watch the game thumbnails in different sizes.

India’s hottest 1:50 odds Dragon Tiger are played here. All settings in the room are user-friendly. Not only will the interface arrangement and resolution be adjusted according to the player’s internet speed, but also the dealer can be directly contacted as one-to-one online communication.

One thing worth mention is the online customer service. EVO has a professional team to deal with players’ various problems, no matter what questions you have, you can use this button to get in touch with the commissioner and get a solution quickly. EVO’s Dragon Tiger has two rooms to choose from, one is the Emperor room and the other is the ordinary room. The lower limit of the bet on the Emperor room is lower than that of the ordinary room. This is solved by reliable online customer service.

Evolution Live Chat

Online casino Cr Pati101 integrates all the advantages of card games online

Players can not only play the popular card games nowadays, but also niche games that are not seen often in physical casinos. Cr Pati101 is committed to taking care of players in all fields and regions, in order to achieve the mission of “connecting the world and benefiting players”.

On top of this, Cr Pati101 also gives F2P players a good stage to express themselves. Players can come to play for free at any time, as long as a minute of registration, they can get for a free bet of 100 INR. The money will be directly deposited into the player’s game account, and the player can actually use the money to play the Dragon Tiger game and win a lot of real money back. If you are still considering, you might as well try your skills first. It’s free!

Cr Pati101 has established a VIP system to give players who bet big money and win big money a substantive feedback. As long as the amount threshold is reached, the player will immediately become a VIP member and receive a 5% cash back. If you are a professional player who uses card games online as an investment business, this 5% cashback can be said to be a drop in the rain.

In addition, all players can enjoy multiple discounts at the same time. Daily sign-in can accumulate bonuses, and tasks can unlock new benefits after meeting specified conditions. Monthly and annual events are held all the time. The rewards include bets, stored value discounts and bonus points. Players only need to actively participate. Activities, it is absolutely possible to get rich from zero.

Do you like Cr Pati101? As long as you recommend it to your friends, you can get more bets. Unlike most casino, there is no limit to invitation events, you can get as many as you invite!