2023 / February / 06

4 Dragon Tiger Game Inside Fact!

New here? Read and master Dragon Tiger at once!

Do you believe that there is a live poker game in India that is so simple, that you can easily nail it on your first try? Well, Dragon Tiger is this kind of game, simple, fast pace and most important, player-friendly. In all poker games, Dragon Tiger is a really fair one, the dealer won’t take any commission from you. In this game, only point counts, K to A form big to small. The suit won’t matter here. There are Dragon, Tiger, and Tie to bet, the side gets the bigger point win. But! In Cr Pati 101 casino, our excellent game provider, Evolution, add another betting choice in Dragon Tiger, which is “Suited Tie,” which means that the two sides got the exact same card! If you bet it right, you can profit 50 times your bet amount, isn’t that amazing?

Fact 1: The betting options

Tie is rare in dragon tiger game, only 1% of chance, not to say the “suited tie.” Although that they have a high odds, but they really don’t show up often. In this case, we recommend you to bet on Dragon or Tiger. After a few rounds, you can also decide to “only” bet on one side, only Dragon or only Tiger. Your winning chance is up to 49% the dealer is only 0.9%.

Fact 2: Law of large numbers

Law of Large Numbersx

In probability theory, the law of large numbers (LLN) is a theorem that describes the result of performing the same experiment a large number of times. According to the law, the average of the results obtained from a large number of trials should be close to the expected value and will tend to become closer to the expected value as more trials are performed. In the game, the total probability of Tie and Suited Tie is only 1%, the probability of Dragon and Tiger is 49.5% each. Players can analyze the outcome history to decide what to bet on in the next row. For example, there are Tigers in the previous seven games, then the player can choose to bet on the Dragon to achieve the total expected value. In the above example, the player has a fairly high probability of winning. The more the history of the game, the more players can analyze the situation from it. After carefully calculating the proportion of the Dragon and the Tiger, they can easily decide which side to bet on in the next row.

Fact 3: Stop Loss Point

According to game experts, the profit goal for participating in a single day is 25% to 100% of the principal amount. By different betting strategies, the amount of each bet is between 1% ~10% of the principal amount. For example, if you set a daily principal amount of 1,000 INR, profit and loss of 50% of it, if one day you lost all the 1,000 INR then you need to quit for that day, you can get a profit rate of 20% (1,000 INR) in a week. Stop loss is not limited to money, time is also one of the opportunity costs, so we must also take time into consideration.

Revealing the inside facts of Dragon Tiger Game

Fact 4: Mental

Regardless of any online casino, there is always a winning rule. But the question is: Can players really follow these rules? We have all heard a saying, “Irritation is the devil,” especially in the gaming world. It is easy for people to lose themselves and fall into a negative vicious circle due to greedy minded. If you win, you want to continue to win, and if you lose, you want to win back what you just lost, it is humanity. If the player is willing to abide by the four principles we provide, they might get a chance to profit big.

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