2023 / February / 06

AE Sexy has the sexiest live Dragon Tiger dealers

In AE Sexy (refer as AE below) play Dragon Tiger game, the dealers are always pretty and professional. They are picked and trained. Being professional but same time still entertained you even in a serious game.

Why AE Sexy?

Dealer of AE Sexy Live Dragon Tiger

AE Sexy is an oasis for all Dragon Tiger players, if you are stressed you can definitely relax here. In addition to our beautiful croupier, the reason is the simplest rule of dragon tiger. To become a dealer of AE, you must go through a series of tests. In addition to considering the appearance, professionalism and knowledge of the dealer, the psychological state is also a very important consideration.

Do you want a cold dealer who doesn’t even look at the camera and has poor skills, or a beautiful croupier who keeps blowing kisses to players and treats every aspect of the game carefully? AE’s first factor, appearance, is definitely not subjective. To select, we use AI face recognition technology to collect the cognition of “beauty” from all over the world, and use big data statistics to pick out appearances that are in line with national conditions and cultures.

Next, we will test their professionalism and knowledge. In addition to online interviews and offline interviews, we also prepared casino-related exams and actually simulated the situation of the Dragon Tiger table to see how they would treat a “not Existing players.” This is very important, because all our players are on the other side of the screen, and we must ensure that they can maintain their professionalism in this situation.

Those women who pass the screening will undergo a series of mental state scales and stress tests. We must ensure that they are ready, can take turns on duty 24/7, and can interact with players all the time. Players at the other side of the screen can only receive visual and auditory information. We are committed to enriching the former so that every player will not be bored even if they play for a long time.

Almost all of our dealers wear bikinis! No matter the season, they are showing their great body. You can even find some small details in it, such as whether the dealer Lana changed a pair of earrings today, does Nat dyed her hair black again. They are as vivid as they really appear in front of you, and you can meet them at any time.

Easy Dragon Tiger

In order to maintain the quality, by setting a certain age limit, we will also offer additional courses for the dealers to participate. We will have a staff training time every month, so that our dealers can continue to maintain their professionalism. Of course, we take great care of them, just like the Dragon Tiger we provide, we also give them a lot of benefits.

The Dragon Tiger of AE Sexy is the simplest. Although the rules are the same as most live Dragon Tigers, we always put the players first and consider the interests of the players first. The rules are too complicated, will the players lose their interest in playing? The odds are not good, will the players benefit less? In order to meet the needs of the masses, we have developed our own set of Dragon Tiger games.

You don’t need to remember anything, you don’t need additional links, and there is no complicated interface. Our number and available time are even made into a signboard and placed next to the dealer. Players can call us at any time for any help on the game.

AE Sexy Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Basic rules of AE live Dragon Tiger

We condensed the essence of all Dragon Tigers, and only extracted the advantages of Dragon Tiger, which are presented to all players.

The odds of the Dragon and Tiger are 1:1, and the Tie is an amazing 1:11. The dealer will first distribute the cards to the Dragon and then to the Tiger. Like all Dragon Tigers, players can bet on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie, and win the corresponding multiplier bet. If there is a tie, the player will only lose half of the bet.

The condition of winning a Tie is that two cards of the same point, and the suit is not in consideration. Even if the dragon is assigned to the five of spades and the tiger is assigned to the five of diamonds, it is also a tie, and it will not be counted as a win.

The Dragon side is shown in red, and the Tiger side is shown in blue. The dealer will distribute a card to both parties, then flop and confirm the card points, and the side with the bigger card points wins. A’s card is regarded as 1, J’s is regarded as 11, Q’s is regarded as 12, and K’s is regarded as 13, from small to large. A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.

We have the guide in the upper right corner to provide a guide for placing bets. It lists in detail the rules that may occur in ten major roads, and is supplemented by actual illustrations. We hope that players who play the game for the first time can win smoothly. Our original intention was to satisfy both rookies and master players.

Players can place bets by selecting the denomination of the chips and dragging the chips to the dragon, tiger or tie. The upper limit of chips is limited by different tables and the personal limits of players. The player’s personal limit will be affected by the principal. If the player wants to increase the betting limit, he can contact the commissioner to adjust it at any time.

Since all games are broadcast live in the form of a camera, so when the equipment fails, we sometimes have to give up the game. The most common is the card scanning system on the card table. Sometimes the card points cannot be scanned. At this time, the dealer will continue to try. If the fault cannot be eliminated in the end, all the bets for the match will be refunded. We hope the players can understand.

What kind of player should come to play AE Sexy's live Dragon Tiger?

Players of all levels can do it, which is especially beneficial for beginners. AE’s dragon tiger keeps everything simple, even if you enter the game world for the first time, you can quickly get started in 1 minute. We focus on the concept of taking care of all players, and hope that players of all levels can enjoy the game equally.

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