2023 / February / 06

Detail guide of Dragon Tiger, master the game in a blink!

If you ever played Dragon Tiger game in online casino, you will know that the key to profit isn’t the trick you used, is about the “House Advantage.” The term “House Advantage” refers to the mathematical edge maintained by the dealer that ensures the casino will always end up making money. The house advantage in games, usually given as a percentage (%,) can range from less than 1% to about 25%. Most players realize that the dealer has an advantage on games it offers, but how the dealer achieves is often not well understood by players.

Do not worry! House Advantage in Dragon Tiger is as low as Roulette. These two are the games that have the lowest house advantage in all of the casino games, also they are games that are very rookie-friendly. Different from Roulette, players can analyze the outcome history in Dragon Tiger to decide their next move. Later on, we will reveal some tips you may like to use in the game.

Dragon Tiger Game Basic Rules

In this game, Dragon and Tiger will get one card each, during this time, players could place their bet, you may bet on Dragon, Tiger, Tie. After the betting count down is over, the dealer will reveal the card on each side. The side getting a bigger point win. In this game, only point counts, K (13), Q (12), J (11), 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A form big to small. The suit won’t matter here. And then? No more! Isn’t it easy?

All about the roadmap

First of all, we need to know how a Dragon Tiger roadmap looks like. Look at the picture below.

Detail guide of Dragon Tiger roadmaps

The bigger one on the top is the Big Road. Under the Big Road, there are 3 other roadmaps which are Big Eye Boy, Small Road, Cockroach Road from the left to right.
Many players know Big Road only, the information online for the other roadmaps is also very confusing, so today we will give you a clear guide on all the roadmaps.

Big Road

When it comes to Big Road, you need to read it column by column. This roadmap basically records the winner in each round. If the winner changes to the other side, then the record will be marked in the next column. Example down below.

If the outcome history is Dragon, Dragon, Dragon, Tiger, Dragon.
The Big Road will mark as:

Guide roadmap of Dragon Tiger : Big road

By looking at this Big Road, we can tell Dragon “continually” wins 3 times and the winning side change 2 times. The kinds of information would help you decide your next move, which side to bet on.

The “Very Complicated” Roadmaps

Before we continue, let’s learn some vocabulary. Besides the column, the other word that is used is “hand.” “Hand” means the block that makes the roadmap. There will be 6 hands in a column. Now you know what “hand” is, let’s talk about starting point. The starting point will be different in each roadmap, but it is all based on the Big Road.

Pretend we have a Big Road like this:

Dragon Tiger guide : The “Very Complicated” Roadmaps

The starting point of each roadmap will be:

Big Eye Boy:

Guide roadmap of Dragon Tiger : Big Eye boy

The starting point will be B2 on the Big Road, if B2 is empty, the starting point is C1.

Big Eye Boy Hand Big Road Hand Color Explaination
Columns A & B equal in lenght
B1 & B2 don’t match
Columns B & C unequal
Columns C & D unequal
D1 & D2 do not match

Small Road:

Guide roadmap of Dragon Tiger : Small Road

We wish to have much information so the small road will wait until the 4th column of the Big Road is marked.

Small Road Hand Big Road Hand Color Explaination
B1 & B2 don’t match
Column A & C are different
Columns B & D equal in lenght
Hand C1 & C2 match
Hand C2 and C3 don’t match

Cockroach Road:

Guide roadmap of Dragon Tiger : Cockroach Road

The starting point is hand E2 on the Big Road. To have enough information, the Cockroach Road will not start until the 5th column of the Big Road start.

Cockroach Road Hand Big Road Hand Color Explaination
Hand B1 & B2 do not match
Hand B2 & B3 match
Hand B3 & B4 match


In Big Road, we will often mark Dragon, Tiger, Tie in a different color (Red & Blue & Green.) But! IMPORTANT! The red and blue symbols that make up the derived roads do not correspond to banker or player. It only means the changing of the winner.

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