2023 / February / 06

How to read live dragon tiger roadmap with expert guide?

If you want to level up, you must be busy looking for live Dragon Tiger roadmap tips. This article could help you take advantage of the game and win the big prize away! When you first start playing, you might hear somebody discussing about “roadmap.” So, what is it? The roadmap is the record of each row in the game. By the record, we can predict the future outcome more correctly. However, the difficulty is that if average people do not have expert guidance, they may want to give up to know more about roadmaps coz it’s too hard to understand. Therefore, to help players understand and quickly get ready, our team specially prepared this article to answer all of your questions.

What is live dragon tiger game?

Before we go deeper, let’s get to know this game first. Dragon Tiger game is also called the 2 cards version of Baccarat. They all use the card to bet on Banker, Dealer, and Tie (Dragon, Tiger and Tie here in this game.) Not like baccarat, each side in Dragon Tiger will get only 1 card. To make it simple, it is a poker game in which the point of the card determines the winner. The suit does not matter here, only points. K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A. K is the largest, and A is the smallest. Played by only 1 card, the chance to win is bigger, too. We recommend this to rookie players to practice before playing live dealer baccarat.

What are live dragon tiger roadmaps?

What is a roadmap? Some gamblers deeply believe that they can predict more correctly by analyzing the outcome history. The record they marked become the roadmap. There are 5 basic roadmaps. If you are interested, continue reading.

Bead Road (a.k.a. Bead plate)

Bead Road is the basis of all the roadmap. All the roads are extended from Bead Road.
Each column on the board shows the number of times the banker (dragon) and the player (tiger) and Tie had appeared. Starting from the upper left corner, use red to mark Dragon Win, blue to mark Tiger Win, and green to mark Tie. Using the basic Bead Road, we can upgrade to the other four roadmaps.

Big Road

Extend from Bead road, Big road is the most used roadmap. Every column recorded the outcome history. From the left upon, Red means Dragon win, Blue means Tiger. When the winner becomes the other party, the record must be marked in a new column. There are only six units in a column, if one outcome continues to appear over 6 times, the 7th times will be drawn on the right-hand side of the last row, makes what we called a “Dragon Tail.”

Big Eye Boy

Big Eye Boy is also from Bid Road, starting from the second row of the second column, which means this roadmap start from the second row. You also need to mark at a new column if the outcome this time is different from the previous one. The following picture can only tell if the game is going or not, and maybe this makes you a bit confused. Anyways, if you move one cell to the left. Then, move up. If the move up does not result in a change, mark red, if it does, mark blue.

1. If the hand in question causes a new column in the Big Road, then compare the previous two columns in the Big Road. If they are the same in-depth, then record a red circle on the map, if not record a blue circle.
2. If the hand in question is the same outcome as the previous hand (skipping ties), then compare the cell to the left of the newly created entry in the Big Road with the cell directly above that one. If these two cells are the same, whether both Player, both Banker, or both blank; then mark a red in the Big Eye Boy. Otherwise, mark a blue.

Small Road

The started point of Small Road is the third column of the second row. If there is no mark there, you go to the next column (fourth column.) Small Road work mostly like Big Eye Boy. The difference is that the two columns that Small Road refers to are the current column and the one before the previous column, that is, the third column and the first column, the fourth column, and the second column, for example.

Cockroach Road (a.k.a. Cockroach pig)

The started point of this roadmap is from the second row of the fourth column of Big Road. If there is no result in the Big road, then start from the first row of the fifth column.
Cockroach Road needs to do the same 2 things that we mentioned in Small Road.

How to win by using a roadmap?

This is an interesting question! A Dragon Tiger roadmap can turn out into thousands of answers according to different players’ perspectives. But do not worry, in this situation, hang on to the stop loss point and make sure you are well both physically and mentally. Remember, win back the losing bet first. Double your bet this round if you lost it in the previous round. After reading the expert guide, if you want to try what you had just learned, we recommend India’s hottest online casino, Cr Pati101, which includes top game providers in the live casino field. Don’t hesitate, click and play now.