2023 / February / 06

In Dragon Tiger that difference between the dealer and the player’s victory is only 1.2%

Low house advantage of Dragon Tiger

To say that the fairest card game is Dragon Tiger. It has the characteristics of fairness, simplicity, safety and high win rate. Not only is it easy to learn, beginners can also profit in a short time. Because this game is so biased towards players, many online casinos are reluctant to make a large number of exposures.

However, Dragon Tiger has a large number of diehard fans. Even if the casino is not happy with that, it has to comply with the wishes of the masses and set the Dragon Tiger game. Therefore, even if some online casinos include Dragon Tiger, they rarely use it as a main hit for marketing, or even put it on the marketing.

A beginner who doesn’t know anything about gaming, card games, and online casinos can quickly get started in minute and win a lot from the dealer. This may sound like a fantasy, but in fact many people rely on it to make their fortunes.

Speaking of this, there may be a question “Can the game make a fortune?” or “Isn’t the game the kind of dangerous game that can dissipate money?”

Yes, it is true for most people. However, some online casinos will give new registered users free bets. If you can make good use of this capital, you can even win fifty times the super jackpot without spending any amount of money.

The casino only relies on the slight difference to make long-term profit

Extending the time, from the probability point of view, the capital will benefit more. This is the same principle as all game games; after all, the casino is not a charity. However, if we pick from all card games online, we will find that Dragon Tiger is the best game for all players to win the game.

Below, we will introduce the four characteristics of Dragon Tiger in order: safety, simplicity, fairness and high win rate.

Is the game fair enough?

Use 8 new sets of new cards regularly

We all know that all card games online has one feature: webcast. Most of them only exist on the Internet, and it is difficult for players to know whether online casinos will conduct black box operations. Dragon Tiger does not need to worry about this, because before the cards are opened, the croupier and manager will do a series of complicated but transparent pre-operations to give players the safest guarantee.

Before starting a new game, the manager will take out a brand new 8 deck of cards, shuffle all 416 cards thoroughly, and then provide them to the dealer for the next step.

The dealer holds a cut card. The cut card is usually a yellow plastic card. It is used to separate a stack of cards to ensure that there is no possibility of making cards manually. There are two cut cards in total, one is in the hands of the dealer and the other is in the hands of the manager. The dealer first places the cut cards at a random position, and then it is the manager’s turn. There will be a significant gap between the two cut cards to ensure their safety.

Finally, the dealer will draw the top card of the stack, and decide how many cards to burn according to the points of the card. The top card and the burned card will be put into the discard tray and will no longer be used.

The simplest rules, the easiest card games online

Similar to the rules of Baccarat, Dragon Tiger also compares its points through the cards distributed to the dealer and the player. However, compared to the two cards of Baccarat, Dragon Tiger only distributes one card each, and does not compare the suits of the cards. At the same time, Dragon Tiger does not have the rules for outsourcing.

In Dragon Tiger, the dealer will draw the top two cards of the distribution box, one for the dealer and one for the player, and compare the points of the cards. The A is the smallest, and the K is the largest. It does not compare the suits of the cards. If the dealer’s card has a higher number of points, the dealer wins; if the player’s card has a higher number of points, the player has won. In particular, if the points of the two cards are the same, it is a tie, and the suits are also not matched.

Fairer than any card games online

You must know that whether Dragon win or Tiger win, the odds are 1:1. From this we can see that if the odds are not set smaller, the casino will lose a lot. On this premise, if a Tie is drawn, the player who wins the game can get eleven times the prize money, and the player who does not win the game can get an additional half of the bet money back.

From the odds, gameplay and mechanism, it is not difficult to see that the original intention of Dragon Tiger is to be extremely biased towards players. The dealer can only make long-term profit from a 1.2% probability. Therefore, for players, in the short-term and even in the medium-to-long term, they can effectively obtain substantial benefits.

Dragon Tiger is the card games online with the highest win rate

We know that the dealer and the player have to distribute a card each, and there is a small chance of getting the result of the tie. From the 416 cards, it is not difficult to calculate the winning rate of the dealer and the player: the dealer is 45.843%, the player is 44.615%, and the draw is 9.6%. After deducting a few burned cards, the equity will naturally fluctuate, but it will not differ too much. The above probabilities are based on 416 cards.

It is precisely because the player has a considerable win rate that Dragon Tiger will go viral in India. Dragon Tiger, which originated in Cambodia, blows all the way from Southeast Asia to South Asia. Most professional players choose to earn huge sums in Dragon Tiger.

The Evolution dragon tiger makes a strong debut

The most popular game of Cr Pati101, Drago Tiger by Evolution is known for its high odds. It offers a high odds of 1:50, so all players are eager for it.

Good News! The Evolution dragon tiger makes a strong debut

It differs from the general Dragon Tiger online in that it has a Super Tie. As long as the Dragon and the Tiger have the same card face and suit, they can win fifty times more.

In order to take care of the majority of players, Cr Pati101 also gives special gifts to new commers. In addition to the bonus for registration, there are also rewards for daily log-in, monthly activities, tasks and invitations. As long as players meet certain conditions, they can get additional free bonuses.