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Why should play Dragon vs Tiger by three reasons

Dragon vs Tiger’s highest odds is a Tie, which has 11 times the odds, which means that if a player bets 100 INR, they can get a reward of 1,100 INR. But in the special Dragon Tiger, the odds are as high as 50 times. If you want to hack it and know what’s three reason to play. Let’s read on.

Reason 1: Always consider the rights of players

No matter what kind of game, there will be more or less unfairness. In most cases, it is natural that casinos also need operating capital to provide players with a place for entertainment; but in some cases, it seems unfair.

In physical casinos, it is inevitable to see some frauds. A casino can’t engage in fraud because all games are set “long-term” to ensure that the casino will benefit. Instead, the cheating party is the player.

If you have watched some game-related movies, you will know that there are many weird ways of doing things, such as making marks, wearing special glasses, and ciphering with accomplices. If this happens in Texas Hold’em, other players will always lose. Not the casino.

Now that the epidemic is spreading, the business of online gaming has gone viral, all games are played in real-time, and players are fair. Especially in live broadcasts, there are usually professional dealers and casino managers who will work together.

Dragon Tiger cutting cards

Before Dragon vs Tiger enters a new round of the game, the dealer will act as “burning cards”, and there will be two “cutting cards” to protect the rights of players.

Before doing this action, we must first know that Dragon Tiger in each round uses brand new cards. There are a total of 8 sets of these cards, a total of 416 cards. They are produced by a reliable and intact factory, just like the cards you and I usually play in poker games.

The casino manager will take apart these cards, clean them by the automatic shuffle machine, and then hand them to the croupier. The dealer will check these cards for flaws, and after confirming that there is no problem, they will take out a yellow transparent plastic card and insert it into a random position of the entire stack of cards. That special card, called the “cut card”, must be conspicuously yellow so that players can recognize whether its position will remain the same throughout the game.

The manager will come to confirm whether the cut card is in a random position, and then take out a cut card and insert it into a random position. In this process, the manager rarely looks at the cards, so after the manager assigns a random position, the croupier will guide the manager to find the gap between the cards, and the manager will insert it by himself.

Dragon Tiger burning cards

The dealer will then put the entire stack of cards into the discard tray, and then reveal the first card, and determine how many points the card shows to decide how many cards should be placed in the discard tray. The purpose is not only to prevent other players from using the plug-in program to count cards but also to allow players to confirm that the casino has nothing to do with.

These actions are all performed in front of the camera, and players can witness them with their own eyes. Every action is strictly designed. In addition to maintaining the fairness between the casino and the player, the casino must also consider that.

Does it sound vague? It okay, we will show you the data next, so that you can see where is the advantage of the casino and where is the player’s advantage.

Three reasons to play Dragon vs Tiger game in live casino

Reason 2: A round of the game is less than 30 seconds

There is another reason why Dragon vs Tiger is so hit, that is, the speed of the game is extremely short, and players can raise the money they need in a short period to use it in other areas. In the case of Dragon Tiger online, after the dealer folds, the player has 20 seconds to place a bet.

Players can bet on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. After 20 seconds, the dealer will flop, show the card points on the screens of all players, announce which side is the winner, and then put both cards in the fold, a new round begins.

Dragon Tiger game time is not only short, but the interval between game and game is also short. Even with the 1:1 odds of banker and idler, winning a few games can also accumulate a considerable fortune. For some players, this can be said to be a miracle. We all know that waiting is hard to bear. Everyone hopes that the investment can be paid as soon as possible.

There is no better game than Dragon vs Tiger. If you win money and want to get out quickly, this game is so fast that there is no time for you to hesitate. For those players who want to make a small bet, this game may be designed for you.

Reason 3: Win big money at Evolution

Evolution’s Dragon Tiger is the most popular card game online nowadays. The difference between it and the ordinary Dragon Tiger is the odds. As everyone knows, the 11 times odds of Dragon Tiger are already amazing. No one expects Dragon Tiger to have 50 times the odds. If you want to win money quickly, then please come to Cr Pati101.

Where is the player's advantage? How to hack this game?

The casino’s advantage is 45.8%, and the player’s advantage is 44.2%. However, this data does not include burnt cards, so there will be some fluctuations. However, these floating values do not necessarily give the dealer an advantage, because the burned cards are determined by the number of cards, and the dealer will not know how many cards will be burned.

Now that the data is given to you, we believe you must have a basic plan in your mind. As mentioned above, for a casino to operate for a long time, all games must have a banker advantage, is more or less. If you have carefully studied other game games, you will find that Dragon Tiger is the card game with the greatest player advantage, and the difference in advantage is even as small as 50%.

“Why is the advantage of the dealer slightly higher than that of the player under this fair rule?” The answer is the Tie. The probability of a tie is 9.6%, and players are relatively less likely to bet on a Tie. It sounds like the advantage of the dealer is greater than you think, but you also have to know that the odds of a tie are 1:11, and all losers can recover half of the bet money, so the advantage of the dealer and the player will appear like this. near. Of course, there is also a betting method for a tie. For details, see “Detail guide of Dragon Tiger, master the game in a blink!

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