2023 / March / 24

Evolution Dragon Tiger odds higher than average!

Where Dragon Tiger can have high odds, it will only be a Tie. Depending on the provider, the odds will be adjusted, but Evolution’s Dragon Tiger has drastically reformed and added new gameplay, a Super Tie (Suited Tie,) so that the winner can win 50x jackpot.

Why Evolution?

It is because of the high odds mentioned above. Evolution Dragon Tiger (EVO for short) unique “Super Tie” has high odds, but you must pay attention to the conditions for winning this award. In all Dragon Tigers, as long as the dealer deals one card each to the Dragon and Tiger side with the same number of points, it constitutes a Tie. Even if the suits of the cards are different, it is still a Tie.

However, EVO’s Super Tie is different from the game. The two cards distributed by the dealer to Dragon and Tiger must be equal in number and suit. If there are diamonds six and heart six, it is a Tie; if there are diamonds six and diamonds six, it is a Super Tie.
Compared with the payout rules of the Dragon and Tiger, if the player bets on the Dragon and the Tiger wins, all the bets will be lost. But if there is Tie in EVO, all players who bet on Dragon and Tiger can get half of the betting amount back. Those bets that are returned will be directly returned to the player’s account for free use by the player.

The Super Tie is the same as the Tie. As long as there is a Super Tie, half of the bets of all players who bet on the Dragon side and the Tiger side will be refunded, which is a good thing for everyone. The odds for a Super Tie is 1:50, which means that a player can get a reward of 5,000 INR as long as they bet 100 INR. The more bets, the more they win.

Evolution Dragon Tiger odds higher than average around the world

In addition to Super Draws, we have to mention the diversity of EVO studios and dealers. EVO is not limited to a studio, many physical casinos are places they would choose. Sometimes, we will see a lot of sexy dealers who are immersed in the Anglo-Saxon style; sometimes the supplier has an idea, and even puts the studio in the casino in East Asia to let Asian dealers play with you. Dealing cards allows players to feel the mysterious oriental style.

The basic rules of Evolution Dragon Tiger

Paytable of Evolution Dragon Tiger

In each new round of the game, 8 brand new decks of cards will be used for the game, and the Joker cards are shaved off. Players can bet on four sides in total: Dragon, Tiger, Tie, or Super Tie, and only one side can be bet at a time. The dealer will deal a card each to the Dragon side and the Tiger side, with the cards, face up. As for the calculation of card points, EVO will count A as 1, J, Q, and K are 11, 12, and 13, respectively. A is the smallest and K is the largest. To do a sort, from small to large, it is A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.

The odds for the dragon side are 1:1, the odds for the tiger side are also 1:1, the odds for a tie is 1:11, and the odds for a super tie is 1:50. All players who bet on Dragon or Tiger in the tie and super tie will get half of the return.

The RTP of the Tiger side and the Dragon side is 96.27%, the Tie is 89.64%, and the Super Tie is 86.02%. The minimum chip that a player can bet is 100, and the maximum is 100,000. The upper and lower limits of the bet are not always the same but will change with the game. If the denomination of the chip exceeds the player’s principal, the player cannot use the chip to place bets. Assuming that player A’s budget is 1,000, player A cannot use the 3,000 chips.

When the player selects a certain denomination of chips, the player can click to place a bet. Each time you click, the chip will increase by one until the player’s capital limit. Another way is to press the double button. If the player wants to repeatedly bet the same denomination of chips and the betting side in each game, they can press the repeat button at the beginning of the new game to automatically repeat the betting of the previous game.

If the player bet extra chips, they can press the undo button to withdraw them from the table, and it will withdraw one chip at a time. To know how much you have bet, there are two ways to watch it. One is the bottom of the betting square where the player bets and the other is the column on the left side of the stake display column where the total bet is written.

The basic rules of Evolution Dragon Tiger

In the bead road, the red solid circle represents the Dragon side, the yellow solid circle represents the Tiger side, and the green solid circle represents the Tie. Players can click on the bead road record at any time to change the content in the solid circle. It can be the initials of Dragon, Tiger, and Tie, it can be simplified Chinese, or it can be the number of points of the winning side.

In the big road, the red hollow circle represents the Dragon, the yellow hollow circle represents the Tiger, and the green diagonal line represents Tie. If there is a Tie, a diagonal line will be drawn on the grid first, and then with the result of the next round, the color of the hollow circle enclosed by the diagonal line will be determined. If there is more than one game in a row in the tie, then the hollow circle will be marked with a number.

In the big eye road, small road, cockroach road, no notes will be made about the Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. They are recorded by hollow circles, solid circles, and slashes, in red. Represents the regularity of repetition, and yellow represents the irregularity. These colors have nothing to do with the Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. Players must pay special attention to this point.

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