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How to play poker in India

Poker is a common game around the world, easy to learn but difficult to skill. Although it is a card game, it also needs strategies. You should always keep an eye on the dealer and the other players so you can decide your next step, either to stop or to bet more. There are many kinds of poker games but Dragon Tiger is the most rookie-friendly one, it is also the most hit online game in India.

Anyways, every poker game has its own rules, but the basic rules are always similar. What you have to do is learn and analyze to create your winning strategies. Are you ready? We will lead you to profit, continue reading the article.

What kind of poker game is Dragon Tiger

It is also called the 2 cards version of baccarat, it isn’t as famous as baccarat. But this is a very friendly poker game, especially to people who are new to this. What’s more, when a Tie appears, those who bet for Dragon or Tiger can still take back 50% of their bet amount, but only in Dragon Tiger! You won’t be this lucky in other games! Players who love playing fast pace games will also love it. 1 row will only take 25 seconds, many players profit hugely in only 10 minutes. Dragon Tiger had eventually got the public’s attention like live baccarat used to. No matter you are walking back home or laying on your bed, you can enjoy betting Dragon Tiger anywhere anytime.

Dragon Tiger Rule

Dragon Tiger rule

Get to know the equipment before we get into the rules.

*6~12 decks of cards, 52 in each deck.
*1 shoe and 1 blank card (some will be plastic in yellow or white) for cutting cards. “Cutting cards” means that the cards are only played until this blank card, and the remaining cards are not used. The dealer will put in a new 6 or 8 decks of cards, starting from the beginning.
*1 auto-shuffling machine
*1 table, 1~2 betting information signs, and 7 or more seats.

Dragon Tiger uses 8 decks of cards like baccarat, dealer will shuffle the cards before putting them in the shoe. Dragon and Tiger will get one card each, during this time, players could place their bet. After the betting count down is over, the dealer will reveal the card on each side. The side getting a bigger point win. In this game, only point counts, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A form big to small. The suit won’t matter here. One card will define the winner, so this is a player-friendly game. If you want to know how to play in advance skills, click the button below.

Dragon Tiger odds

Dragon Tiger doesn’t have the analysis of a complicated rules, the dealer also won’t draw a commission of 5%. It became a very popular game in South Asia, now coming to India.

Is there any tips when it comes to poker

Poker game: Dragon Tiger odds

Average players believe that skills one has are the key to victory, but mentally stability is the most important, no matter in Dragon Tiger or other poker games. The situation changes rapidly every second on the betting table, different strategies need to be used to deal with different players and situations. You should never expect to win with only one single skill in hand. The winning tips are constantly changing, but the final purpose isn’t. The purpose is to observe your opponents, understand their body language, and then make a reasonable analysis on their cards or confidence, to decide which strategy to use. Here we can sort out seven tips for you.

1. Read—Expression shows what is in their mind
You will lose every time if don’t know how to observe others. Look carefully at the body language they reveal.
2. Lie—make them feel stressed
To other aggressive players, wrong body language hints can be used to mislead their final decision.
3. Hide—Don’t let others analyze you
Stay calm is the right thing to do. Hide your breath and your body language to fool others.
4. Feet—Feet can tell you what going on
The most honest part of your body is your feet, it can easily tell others what is on your mind. So make sure your feet are hiding nicely and try to look at others’.
5. Eyes—Don’t lay your eyes on one thing for too long
You won’t lay your eyes on the thing you don’t care about. You can tell one player is a rookie or not by the time he/she lays his/her eyes on her bet.
6. Mind— MENTAL is the thing!
The more humble you are, the easier it is to dominate the game.
7. Act— Be the best actor
Players in the game are also master actors. They can even bluff others at the right timing just to smash their confidence.

Can I play poker games online in India?

Can I play poker games online in India?

A big YES! You can play poker games in any Indian online casino, but you may hold risk. In recent years, due to the development of gaming, websites have continued to pop out, and of course, there have been many catfishing sites. Therefore, many players are concerned about “Are there any online casinos in India that I can trust?” To solve this problem, our team spent a lot of time registering everywhere and placing bets, finding the right one. In the end, we find the one, Cr Pati101. In Cr Pati101 you can find the most popular poker games in India, such as Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Teen Pati Rummy, and Andar Bahar. The games are all provided by top game suppliers. The dealers and bankers in the game are all live broadcast by low-delay photography technology. In addition to the guaranteed withdrawal, you can get 50 INR directly if you register now, and there is also a 50% bonus for deposits. Follow the activity and you will get a lot of additional bonuses. Now click the button below to applaud your life in advance!