2023 / February / 06

Why you should play Dragon Tiger? 8 things great about the game!

Do you want to bring back a big prize with just a simple online game? Try Dragon Tiger, you won’t regret it!

1. No complicated rules
Each side will get 1 card, number range will be A (1 point) to K (13 points.) There are 3 kinds of outcome to bet, Dragon, Tiger, Tie, and also 2 kinds of odds only. Isn’t it easy?
2. Fast pace
It only takes 25 seconds to bet one round, 1 card will define the winner. Big recommendation for those who love to profit fast.
3. Most chance to win
Always bet on Dragon or always bet on Tiger, your chance to win is up to 46%. We can say this is the game with the most winning chance. If you bet on Dragon or Tiger, but the outcome went out as a Tie, you lose, but you can still take 50% of your bet amount back.
4. No dealer profit
Not like baccarat, dealer in online Dragon Tiger won’t profit from any of your money.
5. Always on track! On-time analyzation
There is on-time game analyzing chart at the below, you can clearly know how the game goes on the moment.
6. Accompany by sexy live dealer
There are dealers dressed in different costume in every game hall. Cheongsam, bikini, festival costume, all for you to please your eyes!
7. Special offer
Every online casino has special offers when it comes to registration and deposit. No matter you are new or you are a regular, everyone gets a special gift here.
8. Safe, Interesting, profit in anytime
Online casino breaks the obstacle of space, we can bet at any time safely even during the pandemic time.

How Dragon Tiger works and how to skill this game

Dragon Tiger rule

The game played with 8 sets of card, without jokers. There will be Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K. Ace is the smallest, count as 1 point, and King is the biggest. It’s really simple, Dragon (red) and Tiger (blue) will get 1 card each to see which side get the bigger point, you can bet on Dragon, Tiger, Tie or Flush.

Odds rate
1. Bet on Dragon or Tiger: 1:2
2. Bet on Tie: 1:11
3. If you bet on Dragon or Tiger, but the outcome went out as a Tie, you lose, but you can still get 50% of your bet back.

6 Wining Tips for rookie players

Those who know how to analyze and understands the rules well can stand on the top to hold on the profit chance. Also in Dragon Tiger, we’ll share 6 key principles with you!

1. Don’t bet on Tie
From the chart below we know that the chance to win is only 7%, although that the odds is 1:11, let’s take an example if you bet 100 INR, 7% chance to win, you can only take back 77 INR, so bet on Tie is not a brilliant choice.

Dragon Tiger game: 6 Wining Tips for rookie players

2. Always bet on Dragon or Tiger
There chart above, we can see that using this stratagem can rise the winning chance to 46%. If you can analyze the game better the chance of winning can even be higher.

3. Try to predict
The winner will be defined by only one card, the side getting the bigger point win. You can use 8 as the datum to predict the outcome, to see if the larger point will appear or not.

4. Analyze
Most of the Dragon Tiger game can be easily analyzed. If you do it right the wining chance can be up to 70%. For much information you can reach out to other articles on our website.

5. Set up stop loss point
According to game experts, the profit goal for participating in a single day is 25% to 100% of the principal amount. By different betting strategies, the amount of each bet is between 1% ~10% of the principal amount.
For example, if you set a daily principal amount of 1,000 INR, profit and loss of 50% of it, if one day you lost all the 1,000 INR then you need to quit for that day, you can get a profit rate of 20% (1,000 INR) in a week.

Budget/day Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Total
daily principal amount
Daily profit and loss


Daily total


profitability ratio

6. Time management
(1) You could not be too emotional if you want to win. Please avoid irrational actions, like adding a single bet amount or spending over your daily budget.
(2) Maintaining mental and physical strength is also the key to winning. After losing 2 to 3 rows, we recommend you pause and observe before placing your bets again.
(3) Play games for no more than 2 hours at a time. When the time is up, you should exit the game for good.

Where to play online Dragon Tiger

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