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Master Dragon Tiger using the “Martingale Strategy”

No matter what game is it, mathematics and statistics are all involved. For this reason, many experts have created different betting strategies, aiming to help the majority of players. We all know that there is lose and win in all game, but if we are familiar with some probability theory and apply some simple mathematical formulas, in fact, we can fundamentally improve the player’s winning rate. We will talk about the Martingale strategy and how it should be applied to Dragon Tiger below.

Super Mathematical Model of Fair Game: Martingale Strategy

Martingale strategy is a betting strategy specially used in fair games. Because of its special betting method, insiders call it the “double bet method”. Martingale strategy is a strategy that can surely win money in theory, but its betting method overlaps with geometric growth. In the real world where all player assets are not infinite, Martingale does not guarantee that players will always be absolutely profitable in every game; on the contrary, the Martingale strategy is very effective in improving the player’s winning rate in a fair game. If you follow this betting method, you can guarantee profit in the medium or long term.

Why is the Martingale strategy a suitable betting method for Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is the fairest game among all card games. The casino’s win rate is 45.8%, and the player’s win rate is 44.6%. This shows that there is almost no house advantage. Because of the fairness that Martingale strategy can be used on it, so it is not an exaggeration to say that this strategy is a betting strategy exclusively for Dragon Tiger.

Although the Martingale strategy was used in France in the 18th century, the casino has never banned such a betting strategy. Since it can get stable income, why does the casino not care? There are two reasons.

1. The probability of the banker and player is not 50%-50%, and the 1.2% house advantage is able to make the casino win small.

2. Humanity
No matter how complete the strategy is, it is still difficult to pass the test of human nature. This is actually the main reason why casinos can make money. Do not think that this concept is vague. You must know that the socialism described by Marx is the most ideal and perfect social form, but it collapsed in WWII. Why? Marx did not take human nature into his consideration.

People are a collection of desires. Everyone hopes to have more access than others. Our instincts, human nature, make us continue looking for resources; the more the better.

Why is the Martingale strategy a suitable betting method for Dragon Tiger?

When a player wins, they want to win more; when a player loses, they want to win back the losses and expected gains in the next game. The reasons behind this are related to cognitive psychology and behavioral psychology, such as frustration. These complex psychological factors will make players feel the same level of excitement between winning and losing.

This may sound beyond common sense, but in the “Large Brain Experiment”, it was found in the active areas of the brain of each subject that those neurons that are positively related to dopamine would be stimulated. If you are interested in the psychology of gamblers, please refer

Back to the topic, from these complex human natures, it is not difficult to see that 1.2% house advantage will be fermented, enlarged, and multiplied by human nature. If the player can overcome by themselves, then we only need to pay attention to the small gap of the house advantage. If you stably implement the Martingale strategy and don’t be swallowed up by your own desires, you can achieve positive returns in the medium and long term. In fact, it is not far from the nature of investment.

The principle and actual application of Martingale strategy

Martingale Strategy in Dragon Tiger

In order to achieve this strategy, players must only bet on Dragon or Tiger, not a Tie. Only in 50%-50% game, the Martingale strategy can be effectively to maximent.

Assuming that the player has a budget of 100 INR and takes half of it out as the chip, we will have a bet of 50 INR at this time. Suppose we bet 1 INR and lose, there will be 49 INR left. Take another 2 INR to bet and lose, leaving 47 yuan. Take another 4 INR to bet and win. According to Dragon Tiger’s odds, he won 4 yuan. At this time, the bet is 51 INR.

Can you tell? As long as you double your bets and win the next game, players can not only make up for the previous losses, but also make stable profits. This is Martingale strategy.

It should be noted that once the player wins the next game, the bet money must be traced back to the initial amount, which is 1 INR. And this simple action is the most difficult part. I have talked about so many psychological theories before to make players truly understand the cause of failure of “human nature.”

In this example, the player eventually made a profit of one dollar. It is not difficult to see that although the Martingale strategy can guarantee profit, it is not what most players think of getting rich overnight. The Martingale strategy relies on “small wins” to stably obtain funds. Win a little at a time and accumulate a considerable amount over the long term; as long as players can restrain the impulse to bet, they can effectively profit from this strategy.

Martingale strategy 2.0, 50 times the chance of profit

In the traditional Dragon Tiger, the odds of Dragon and Tiger are both 1:1, and the odds of Tie are 1:8. The reason why Martingale strategy does not recommend betting on a Tie is because that it is only suitable for a 50%-50% fair game, and the most important thing is that there is only a 9.6% probability of a Tie. Only half of the bet amount will be return in a Tie, which is why the probability of the casino and player is not intuitively 100%-9.6%÷2.

However, in Cr Pati101, our excellent game provider, Evolution, make Dragon Tiger also a Super Tie (Suited Tie,) and the odds are astonishing 1:50. Therefore, even if the player’s bet is only 1 INR, as long as a Super Tie is drawn, they can get 50 INR.

Dragon Tiger Strategy - Martingale strategy

Martingale strategy 2.0 dedicated to Evolution’s Dragon Tiger is that, in addition to the odds, players can choose to bet the minimum amount of prize money won from the previous win every 10 games.
Assuming that the minimum amount of each bet is 50 INR, the player has won 500 INR from the previous win, then the player must take out the minimum bet of 50 INR from the 500, and bet a Super Tie every 10 rounds.

The reason why every ten games and the minimum bet is a unit is because the probability of a super tie is lower than a tie. In contrast, as long as you win the game, you can get 50 times the prize money.

Make good use of martingale strategy, players can win huge sums in Cr Pati101’s most popular card games online, Dragon Tiger.