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How to win the dragon tiger game at Indian online casino

Live Dragon Tiger is now going viral on the online casino in India and is occupying the market at lightning speed. Therefore, players who want to win are all asking: How do I? Some tips can only be found in the expert guide. Today, we will share all we know with Indian players.
How to play and what can you do to win? After you are familiar with the skills we provided, we recommended you to give it a try at the online casino, because the information we provided is from the world’s top players. Their successful experience guarantees that those tips are the latest and can be applied today.

How to play Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger isn’t hard to skill, we believe that you can get started fast after reading this. If you have experience in playing baccarat, congratulations! You are already in the very front of others. Because Dragon Tiger is the simple version extend from baccarat, it’s also called the 2 cards version of baccarat. First, the good figure dealer will shuffle 5 or 6 decks of cards, in this time players can place the bet on Dragon Tiger or Tie.
Then two sides representing Dragon and Tiger will get one card each, after the betting time is over, the dealer will reveal the cards. The one single card will determine the winner. Whichever side gets the larger number is the winner. If the points are the same, it will be a tie (there is no banker-take-all in this game) and the player can get the bonus.
This means that if players want to make more profits in the game, they may need to carefully remember the number of points that appear in each round, and use tips to win.

If the player bets on Tiger or Dragon but the outcome was Tie, the player loses, but they can still take 50% of the betting amount back, this is a great thing that baccarat doesn’t have.

How point counted in Dragon Tiger game

How point counted in Dragon Tiger

The points calculation of this game is based on the points in the general poker game, but it is slightly different. The following will explain in detail for you.
According to the points appearing on the cards, it can be divided into two types.
The first type is the general card. The numbers are: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. This type of point calculation is its appearance.
For example, 9 means 9 points
The second category is special cards (aka. Big point.)
A is counted as 1 point.
J is counted as 11 points.
Q is counted as 12 points.
K counted as 13 points, and K is the largest point in this game.

How to play Dragon Tiger with 3 tips

Follow the Dragon Tiger patterns

Tip 1: Bet Dragon or Tiger only

First, there is only 3 bet in this game, Dragon or Tiger and Tie. And the odds are 1:1, 1:1 and 1:8. But Tie doesn’t appear a lot, so bet on Tiger or Dragon will have more chance to win. If it turns out as a Tie, you can still get 50% of your bet back. You need a strong mind to use the tip, you must not be greedy. What’s more, you need to analyze the game to see which round to bet, you are not recommend to bet on every round.

Tips 2: Bet amount

Betting on the amount. If the betting odds are 1:3. Decide a popular number, and then your betting budget. For example, you chose a popular number is 5, your betting budget is 30 INR in the first row, if you win you earn 60 INR, if you lose, bet 60 INR in the second row, 120 INR in the third row, and so on until the 8th time as long as it is a hot number, you will win at least once unless the number is unpopular.

Follow this betting method for the 8th time. At this time, you bet a total of 30+60+120+240+480 +960+1920+3840=7650 INR, but you can get 3840*3=11520 INR, so you will still profit.

Tips 3: Goes as the game goes

When the game started, you can wait and see how it goes for a few rows. If the first row was Tiger, the second row was also tiger, then the third row you can go for Tiger. If the first row was Dragon the second row was also Dragon, then go for Dragon. If the first row is tiger the second row was Dragon and the third row was Tiger again, then the fourth row you can go for Dragon. Until it doesn’t come out as this pattern.

The all above are some common Dragon Tiger tips, if you are able to understand, then you could try understanding the roadmap. These are tips for most live poker games, click the link below to assess more information.

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