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Only in WM Casino, special way to play Live Dragon Tiger

Many players may ask “Why can’t I bet all at once to win more money? Why can I only bet on Dragon or Tiger or tie, even red and black odds and doubles only once Place a bet?” Now, WM Casino has permanently solved this problem. Any betting side you see in the Dragon Tiger game room of WM can use the multi-betting technique to win more money.

Why WM Casino?

WM Casino Live Dragon Tiger

WM’s live Dragon Tiger retains all traditional gameplay and further evolves on this basis, allowing players to freely choose the betting side. You can greedily choose all the betting sides at once, in Dragon even, Dragon odd, Tiger odd, Tiger double, Dragon Black, Dragon Red, Tiger Black, All bets on Tiger Red, Dragon, Tiger, and Draw, and get a lot of money at once. Unlike most dragon tigers that have the main bet limit, WM emphasizes freedom and flexibility to create more revenue for players.

It is precise because of the mechanism of multiple betting parties and multi-party betting that WM creates more ways to play. Players can even choose the strategy of two-way betting, betting on winners and losers at the same time, and continuously winning small amounts of money, and finally, achieving the ultimate goal of earning money with money.

In all gaming games, two-way betting is forbidden in principle, because this means that players can continue to create opportunities for themselves to win the game without losing money. However, this is not the case in WM. Players can use all their life-long betting strategies to win real money on dragon tiger.

Although the double bet can guarantee no loss, the player will actually reduce a little money. It is a rake from the dealer. This mechanism exists in both dragon tiger and any other game games, to prevent blockage and complete two-way Place a bet. However, what you have to know is that even this two-way betting is still useful, but it can’t be used so intuitively. We must match other betting strategies to achieve profitability.

Players can judge the current situation through the game history, predict which cards are most likely to be played in the next game, and use two-way betting to increase the chips for the side with the highest winning rate. In this way, players can make stable profits and losses on WM’s.

In addition to making free choices on the betting side and betting chips, at the same time, like all dragon tigers, it can be estimated from the game history who will win the next side. The history of the game, the big road and the next three roads are all the basis for players to judge. This means that players can bet on the other victory conditions of the potential winner and win more money while being certain of the outcome of the new game to a certain extent.

Assuming that the player discovers the law of the dragon’s continuous winning, the player can not only bet on the dragon’s victory but also from the cards that appeared in the past to confirm what kind of cards the dragon will play. If the player calculates that the probability of the dragon’s red and singles is very high, then the player can bet on the dragon, the dragon red, and the dragon singles at the same time, and receive three bonuses at a time.

As long as you win, you can get multiple bonuses; even if you lose, you will not lose much. This is the biggest charm of WM.

Introduction to WM's live Dragon Tiger

WM’s live Dragon Tiger has a total of 11 betting methods, namely the main bet’s dragon, tiger and tie, as well as the extended dragon single, dragon double, tiger single, tiger double, dragon black, dragon red, Tiger black, tiger red.

ntroduction to WM's live Dragon Tiger

The odds of Dragon and Tiger are 1:1, the odds of Dragon and Tiger are 1:0.75, the odds of Dragon and Tiger are 1:1.05, and the odds of Dragon Red, Dragon Black, Tiger Red and Tiger Black are 1:1.05. The odds are both 1:0.9, and the odds for a tie are 1:8. These odds can all be seen on the right side of the screen, and they are all marked below each betting side. The best part is that how many people have bet on which betting side will also be displayed on it, so that beginners can have a basis for betting.

In the history of the game, the dragon side is represented by a blue solid circle containing the letter D; the tiger side is represented by a red solid circle containing the letter T. Like other dragon tigers, the tie game is represented by a solid green circle, which also contains the letter T.

Except for the color, the road record method of WM’s dragon tiger is the same as other supplies. In Big Road, the red hollow circle represents the tiger side, and the blue hollow circle represents the red side. When a tie is encountered, it is represented by a green diagonal line. As for the hollow circle outside the diagonal line, the winner of the next game shall prevail. If there is a tie in the tenth game, a green diagonal line will appear on the road. In the eleventh round, if the dragon wins, the green diagonal line will be surrounded by a blue hollow circle. Players need to pay special attention to that consecutive draws will not be shown on the road, and can only be viewed from the history of the game.

The other three roads use red to represent the continuous law, and blue to represent irregularities, which is different from the meaning of blue representing the dragon and red representing the tiger in the history of the game and the road. Professional players usually find the finer rules in the following three ways.

At the top left of the screen, there are two fields. One is the detailed information of the game, and the other is the number of wins of Dragon, Tiger, Tie, Dragon Odd, Dragon Double, Tiger Odd, and Tiger Double. You can decide how to bet based on the number of wins, the history of the game and the road. Below the detailed information is the upper and lower limits of the table. In particular, players can adjust the upper and lower limits by themselves. In an ordinary gaming table, there are three modes to choose from: 10-1000, 100-10000, 1000-100000, etc.

At the bottom of the screen, in addition to the game history, there is also a chat room. Players can interact with other players in the chat room and see how much money those players have won. These messages will be automatically sent by the system and displayed in the chat room with the account number, number and currency category. If the player wins the money, they will also be immediately reported in the chat room.

At the top of the game history and the chat room, there are chip denominations, denomination customization options and three buttons respectively. The Cancel button allows the player to withdraw the bet chips, the repeat button can repeat the betting of the previous game, and the confirm button can lock the bet chips on the betting side. Players can customize the denomination of chips, ranging from 10 to 1,000 million.

Play WM Casino live Dragon Tiger in India

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